Playing Games while Laptop is charging – Is it Okay?

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Laptops come in different configurations. And this configuration also has an effect on the battery life. We normally get a lot of queries on whether using a laptop while it is being charged is okay for the well being of the device. Here is an attempt at answering this query in the possible tips. Gaming Laptops and Battery Life As compared to the regular laptops, gaming laptops are known to have a better battery configuration. However, the fact remains that

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Laptop Repair Home Service

Get fast affordable laptop repairing support without delay. Dial 9717150098 or 9717156898 to call us to replace damaged chips including USB slot, memory card and external hinges to make the laptop restore smoothly from tech errors. We rebuild the laptops perfectly. Our mobile on-screen live support is awesome to remove any technical issue of your laptops. Fabulous bonanza offer waits for students who get 10 percent discount to do laptop refurbishment including hardware and software.For more information Visit Share

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Get Awesome Support from Dell Laptop Service Centers in Dadar/Lokhandwala

A top dell service center Lokhandwala gives a compact laptop protection backup from tech glitz.  Customers are not in trouble to replace chipsets or remodel the systems.   They are benefited by contacting professional mechanics to have affordable laptop care. Excellent Laptop Care Support One’s laptops must be rebuilt meticulously.  If it is the damage to the external chips of the system, you must hire the hardware mechanics.  Software related issues are also taken care of by a batch of experienced

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The laptop repair in Mumbai Is a one shop solution for all your laptop problems

We at NCR Systems are able to provide you with a wide a verity of option for the branded as well as the original equipment’s and accessories with regards to your laptop, be if of any make or brand. The laptop repair in Mumbai you with an unbeatable price for used old, new as well as for the second hand laptops asides from spare parts and accessories for all kinds of models. You need to worry about the quality control

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Repair your laptops by hiring trustworthy laptop service center in Mumbai

Every business no matter whether it is small or larger, Laptop is an essential one to do business tasks smoothly. Unfortunately, laptop sometimes goes faults, and it should immediately repair by the help of professional laptop service center. Of course, our laptop service center in Mumbai is giving a complete solution from software installation to chip level repairing. Moreover, we repair, upgrade, and perform maintenance services of any type. Our service delivers it to your doorstep within the same day

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Get Solution for Your Laptop Problem from Dell Laptop Service Centers in Mumbai


The laptop is an essential device which is used by many numbers of people for both their personal and professional use. Most of the people nowadays use the laptop for their daily use. This device is also portable and easy to use. As this device is taken out frequently and is compatible to use under all conditions, there may be chances for defects and issues on it. Some of the common laptop issues are overheating, virus attacks, slow running, frequent

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