Playing Games while Laptop is charging – Is it Okay?

Laptops come in different configurations. And this configuration also has an effect on the battery life. We normally get a lot of queries on whether using a laptop while it is being charged is okay for the well being of the device. Here is an attempt at answering this query in the possible tips.

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Gaming Laptops and Battery Life

As compared to the regular laptops, gaming laptops are known to have a better battery configuration. However, the fact remains that the gaming takes a toll on the battery as they are quite resource-hungry.

In fact, under normal conditions – a gaming laptop and its graphics card would expect you to keep your laptop plugged into the charging slot while you are playing a game on it. That is because, when the laptop is on battery – the graphics card will not be able to draw the power that it requires to run at its full capacity. Frankly speaking, gaming laptop manufacturers recommend playing games only while charging.

If you are asking us whether it is good to play the games while your laptop is charging – we would answer you stating that it is not good, but it is what device manufacturers recommend.

What would You Do?

We have made it clear, right? The best way you would keep your laptop in its best condition would be is to keep it charged to at least 40 percent even under normal working condition. Even when idle! And yes, it should be kept cool.

If your laptop is on the battery when you are playing games on it, it will work with slower frame rates. Moreover, the fan would not be spinning at its maximum speed, that would mean you are bound to get a higher CPU temperature. Both these factors can contribute to an imbalance in the battery performance and in fact, reduce the life of your battery or even other components on your laptop.

Most of the modern laptop batteries have advanced technology that switches off the battery power once the battery is fully charged, and then shuffle the power supply to AC. Many of the newer generation batteries use a concept called Trickle Charging. When a battery is fully charged, it does not continue to be charged at the same rate but receives a charge that is equal to its discharge rate – which is called self Discharge rate. This minimal charge that the battery receives is termed as Trickle Charging.

That should clearly indicate what exactly we would suggest you that you can play the games while you are charging your laptop.

In Conclusion

So, the crux of the matter would be that there is no harm in playing on the laptop while it is on charge. It would also mean the converse would also be true. That is to say, charging a laptop for two to three hours while playing on it should also not have any impact on the good performance of the laptop. If you are still in doubt, you may contact Dell Laptop Repair Centre for an all round information.

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