How To Adjust Brightness of Laptop On Dell Laptop?

You will always want to work with your laptop screen set to an optimum brightness. However, a brighter screen under the low light conditions outside will strain your eyes. In the same way, a low light screen under the bright light conditions would again be strainful as well. In fact, the proper brightness on your laptop screen should be in tune with the brightness outside. How will you adjust the brightness on your Dell Laptop? Let us find out how in the following paragraphs.

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adjust brightness

How To Adjust Brightness of the screen on your Dell Laptop?

Dell offers you the brightness controls integrated within the keypad (well, that is the case with other manufacturers as well). In fact, in the computer world, these keys are referred to as Hot Keys. The actual brightness on your screen will depend upon the power source which will mean the brightness will change according to whether you are working on battery or connected to a power source.

Here are the steps you need to follow to adjust the brightness on your Dell Laptop –

  • Hold the function key (or Fn) pressed and use the UP or DOWN arrows to increase or decrease the brightness as per your preference.
  • For some models of Dell laptops, you may need to press and hold Fn key while pressing F4 and F5 keys to adjust brightness.

You can also use the screen brightness options within your operating system. The exact settings will depend upon the operating system that you are using. As an example, we will check out the procedure for Windows 10.

Adjust Brightness of Screen on Windows 10

You can follow the steps here below –


adjust screen brightness on Dell Laptop

  • Bring up Action Center by clicking on the action center icon at bottom right corner.
  • Click on All Settings.
  • Now click on System ->Display
  • If your laptop supports automatic brightness control, use the Adjust my screen brightness automatically slider to configure the automatic brightness control. That way, your laptop will be able to adjust the brightness automatically depending upon the ambient brightness level.
  • You can also use the manual brightness control slider to adjust the brightness manually.

For other operating systems and versions – you may refer to the guide or settings of your operating system.

And Before We Leave…

Well, those are the methods you need to use to adjust the screen brightness on your Dell Laptop. We assume we have been helpful in guiding you through the steps involved in adjusting the brightness of your Dell laptop screen. However, if you are still in doubt and want to clarify them Рwe would advise you to get in touch with Dell Laptop Repair Center for a better understanding of the procedure involved in how to adjust brightness of the screen.

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