Playing Games while Laptop is charging – Is it Okay?

playing games

Laptops come in different configurations. And this configuration also has an effect on the battery life. We normally get a lot of queries on whether using a laptop while it is being charged is okay for the well being of the device. Here is an attempt at answering this query in the possible tips. Gaming Laptops and Battery Life As compared to the regular laptops, gaming laptops are known to have a better battery configuration. However, the fact remains that

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How To Adjust Brightness of Laptop On Dell Laptop?

adjust brightness

You will always want to work with your laptop screen set to an optimum brightness. However, a brighter screen under the low light conditions outside will strain your eyes. In the same way, a low light screen under the bright light conditions would again be strainful as well. In fact, the proper brightness on your laptop screen should be in tune with the brightness outside. How will you adjust the brightness on your Dell Laptop? Let us find out how

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How To Fix Dell Laptop HDD Error Code 2000-0416 or 2000-0412?

Dell laptops have one of the common issues with HDD. The error is known by the error code 2000-0146. We present you the best fixes you can use to get rid of the error 2000-0146 in this post. We will analyse the symptoms of the bug and then offer the fixes for the issue. Error 2000-0146 on Dell Laptop – What it is? The error code 2000-0416 is associated with the hard disk on your Dell Laptop. It affects your

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How To Replace RAM on Dell Inspiron 15- 3521/5521

Servicing your laptop is not an easy task. However, if you are comfortable with minor electrical repairs, it should not be a tough task either. If you own a Dell Inspiron Laptop, our guide should help you replace the RAM yourself following a few easy steps. We would help you how to replace RAM on Dell Inspiron laptops in this tutorial. If you are still in doubt and worried, you may visit your nearest Tech Support from Dell Servicing Hub

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How To Speed Up Internet Browsing on Firefox


Mozilla Firefox has been one of the popular internet browsers one can find. In fact, it is the favourite of developers and those involved in coding. Want to double your internet speed on Firefox? If you are looking for ways to speed up the internet speed on Mozilla Firefox, you have hit the right spot. We present the ways to Speed Up Internet Browsing on Firefox browser. How to Speed Up Internet Browsing on Firefox? There are several hacks and

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How to Check if Your Dell Laptop Fan is working or Not?

Dell Laptop fan

The fan is the most important part of your Dell laptop. You may not be able to see on a daily basis, but it is an essential part of your Dell laptop that helps you keep your laptop cool. If your fan malfunctions for any reason, it will cause your laptop to get overheated. Checking if your laptop works or not is one of the Must Do tasks you are expected to undertake at regular intervals. How To Check whether

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How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status Through Service Tag

Check warranty

Laptops have been one of the most used devices of late. It could be a good idea to keep track of the warranty status of your laptop so that you can keep track of the same. Each of the laptops come with their own standard procedure for checking the warranty status of your device. As for Dell Laptops, the warranty status can be checked using the service tag. If your laptop is out of warranty, you can visit your nearest after

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Keyboard shortcuts You Never Used on Your Laptop

Mouse and touchpad have taken all the charm off the keyboard. Each time we need to perform any action on our device, we head on to mouse or touchpad. Are you aware of some simple, yet useful keyboard shortcuts? Instead of going through those menu items, opting for the Windows keyboard shortcuts definitely saves you precious few seconds. Most of us are not aware of a majority of the useful shortcuts. This article is an attempt at helping you get

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How to Factory Reset Windows 10 Dell Laptop

In our ongoing series of tutorials on how to factory reset Windows, we present our last article in the series – How to factory reset Windows 10 laptop? Just like the factory reset procedure for Windows 8, Windows 10 too makes it a little easier for the user to refresh or reset their laptop to factory settings. Let us go through the step by step instructions on how to factory reset Windows 10. If you are interested in resetting Windows

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How to factory reset your Windows 8 Dell Laptop?


Resetting your Windows operating system can be necessitated because of several reasons. Your system might have caught a virus. Your computer may have turned slow. Or there are other issues that you have been unable to diagnose. You would definitely consider resetting your laptop to factory default settings. How to factory reset your Windows 8 laptop to factory settings? That is exactly what we will cover in this article. The information contained herein is authenticated by Laptop Repair Home Service,

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