A Guide to Laptop Warranty at No 1 Dell Service Center in Janakpuri Delhi

At times when we purchase laptops of any brand, consumers are provided with warranty for a definite time period. Most of the customers are happy that they are provided with a one year warranty, but unaware of what actually holds true against that warranty. At times consumers are also offered additional warranty with some extra cost. But before you purchase additional warranty, you should be aware of what actually is covered under the warranty period. The software problems which are not covered by the laptop warranty will be handled by the proficient team of technicians at the Dell Service Center in Janakpuri Delhi.



Warranty For Your Laptop

The first thing that you need to know is that not all the things are covered under your laptop warranty. Mostly the hardware problems are taken care of under the laptop warranty. It usually covers the labour cost and some parts. It will cover any defect in the monitor, keyboard, modem or any problem that occurs with the internal components. Under the warranty repairs section, the company manufacturers will also mention the way in which the repairs will be completed i.e. whether new parts will be used, refurbished parts or the used parts will be done. With the warranty information, you will come to know the places where servicing will be done.


The laptop warranty will also state in what aspects it will get void. Even if you break the seal or the case gets opened by anyone other than the company associate will void the warranty. Under the warranty coverage, you will also come to know of the direct phone numbers that have to be contacted in case of support needed, usually the telephonic support is available to the customer 24/7 and same goes for the online support.


What is not covered under the warranty?

Any damage or loss to the data is not covered under the laptop warranty. The laptop is also not covered under any kind of theft, breakage or damage. All these things in a laptop are covered by the insurance policy.


Time period of the warranty

The time period of the laptop warranty varies from one company to another. While purchasing a laptop, different brands will try to influence you with their free laptop warranty facility. But before purchasing any laptop, you should ask the time period of the free warranty. If your warranty period is over and you face any laptop repair problems, you can visit the Dell Service Center in Janakpuri Delhi.


How is the warranty procedure in case of used or refurbished laptops?

Even if you buy any used or refurbished product, there is some form of warranty which the customers will get. Usually warranty for the used laptops is for a period of three months, close to 90 days.


If you face any kind of problems with your dell laptop, Dell Service Center in Delhi ┬áhave a team of experienced technicians who provide on – site warranty.

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